From Lyngseidet to Øksfjord

Getting nearer to the target

harvest at the polar sea Dave and me camp near Lyngseidet where we want to take a ferry to shorten the distance. We part and I reach one of the first ferries. The crossing costs 13 Kronen and does not last long. It is a day of best weather. For many a kilometer I follow the coast line. In summertime and on a day like that it is a marvellous part of our blue planet. The Gulf Stream gave birth to region unchallenged in colors. The white of the glaciers, grey of the mountains, green of the meadows and blue of the skies makes it a paradies.
the destiny of cod is drying in the sun *
All along the way there are trestles to dry the cod. Nets shelter the most valuable food from seagulls and other birds. And I take many photographs to document this lovely spot. But the colors do not tell the story of the real life up here. They cover the fact that there is but dusk and dawn up here in wintertime. And even the cyclist does a good job because of the steep hills that have to be crossed. To have a look down the fjords at  laplanders selling antlers the Kvænangsfjellet means 400m straight uphill. It is midnight and I have lost the feeling for time. Clouds at noon on a typical german winter's day will leave less light than now.
I wash myself in the toilets of the Gildetun-Motel, situated at this most interesting spot. I don't spend the night up here but drive further on til I get tired. the next morning I happen to meet the tents of laplander, trying to sell the rest of probably butchered reindeers. And I come across an englishman at an age of Øksfjord about 70, who carries antlers with him on his bike trip from the cape to Trondheim. He pushes the bike up every hill but is very content with his way of travelling. I guess he once was an officer in the british army.
MS Nordnorge, Hurtigruten, at midnight *
I get up early next morning, buy something to eat and have breakfast. Today I don't go very far. At the little village of Langfjord I quit the main road and turn straight north for Øksfjord. I have decided to shorten the way by going by ship. I spend the evening walking around the village as the MS Nordnorge will arrive at midnight.