Reaching the Polar Circle

The highest pass of the whole trip

The winds have vanished and I have no difficulties to get on. After days of indifference I suddenly realize what I did when I started in Bonn. I get the magic and the temptation of an enterprise like that. I pass the border to Norway and soon afterwards I look down on the ugly village of Mo I Rana, still 25 miles away, 600 meters below on the coast of the polar sea.
What a feeling: After 21 days and 2100km the bike  Arctic Circle leans against the wall of the hostel. And for the first time I realize that the target of my journey is not out of reach. So I don't rest very much. I buy some food, wash my clothes and try in vain to find a new front pack. The old one, that carried tools and the map, has broken wings.
The next morning I have to climb up towards the arctic circle at 707 m, the highest point of the whole journey. Compared to the Col de le Bonette or Col Agnel this is rediculous. But that time, with a ratio of 42:28 teeth, it is a fierce fight. However, after 80 kilometers I have the chance to take a really spectacular photo at a spectacular monument. There are no trees any more at a level like that and the «Nordlandbahn» meets the road.
Nordlandbahn at the polar circle The road was built by the german invaders in the 1940th and it is said that there is one body lying underneath each meter of tared surface, most of them soldiers from Yugoslavia. A monument reminds the tourist of that unhonest period of german history.
The descend towards the coast is of great beauty. There are rocks, cascades and by and by the forest reappears. After 130 km I put up my tent in the woods, as it is too far to the coast on a day like that...