Visby of Gotland

Another overnight ferry ahead

On the way from Stockholm to Nynäshamn another spoke brakes. This time I don't bother very much  the Gotland ferry leaves at midnight because the ferry is said to leave about midnight. For a second time I have to stay awake for 60 hours. But I am young and on holidays and it does not matter. I spend the evening in Nynäshamn, looking at the sailing boats and wind surfers on this lovely day. Even the young ones are doing a great job on their litte boards.
At midnight the MS Visby sails for Gotland, a very beautiful island south of Stockholm. The combination of two ferries will save about 270 km of minor roads and so I enjoy two days with not too many kilometers. The tickets are reduced due to my student card and I get cheap pipe tobacco on board.
Visby - a legend *
The morning is great. Again the first day welcomes me at my favourite place, the rail of the ship. It is a day to relax. All I do today is strolling aroud the old fortress of Visby waiting for the hour that the ship comes in. For the first time on this trip I spend a day in a very beautiful town, comparable to Rothenburg o.d. Tauber or Carcassone 1in southern France.
Visby - ancient fortress *
I am too tired to make a bike trip around the island. I just walk about and have a look at the old town taking some photos. Everything is old here, the houses, the allies and even the motor cars seem to be relics from a different century. I sit at a café and watch as time goes by. I gather fresh power for the last 1000 kilometers. I am desparately determined to cycle all the way back home.