From Bonn to Göteborg

A sunny week on my way north

Bonn, Sebastianstraße Although I know from the beginning that it is already too late in the year to see the midnight sun, I start full of enthusiasm. In the morning I buy a new rear wheel for the bike, then I check the preasure for the last time - and leave Bonn at about 2 p.m.
This first afternoon I cycle to Wuppertal to meet my parents. The next morning I have to face steep hilly roads on my way to Münster. But I don't want to bore you by telling the way through Germany. I sleep in youth hostels in Diepholz, Bremervörde and visit a girl friend in Hamburg-Rissen, where I start the next morning for Kiel.
Göteborg harbour *
The first six days are done, 100 km a day average. A hook of my Karimore pack is already broken, so I see for it to be replaced at a bike shop. In the evening I get on board of the Viktoria of the Stena Line. I don't sleep much this night as many other nights during this trip. I don't even take breakfast on board to save some money. But I buy 400 g pipe tobacco that will last to the middle of Finnland. There is rain on the air and dark clouds when entering Göteborg harbour.
The way towards Trollhättan is badly signposted, so I make some extra kilometers trying to get out of the city. I make about 130 km today and camp in the woods. There are too many loud german and british tourist on the official sites.
a steak of yellow boletus *
Nature is plentiful and rampant over here. If you had the time to collect all the fruits you could probably live on that. However, I succeed in collecting some definitely eatable mushrooms. So I have a kind of steak of yellow boletus.
Though  the swedish people are friendly if asked for help, they are rather reserved - and so is the country. I feel the vasteness of the country side and the emptiness of the big roads while cycling north Lanthandel - shop and filling station through hilly parts of endless woods. Unspectacular may be the correct description as I have no foto to present. The speed limit of 50 miles an hour is respected by nearly everyone. This makes cycling very agreeable in the middle of Sweden. Some entertainement along the road: An ICA landthandel, combined with a filling station. Coffee is sold by the cup you get once while refilling is not cashed. I make use of that on rainy days.