From Narvik to Lyngseidet

Better weather an strange folks

colors of the north At Narvik I replace two broken spokes and buy a new, red front pack to be fixed at the handle-bar. Furthermore I carry new links as I can't get a new chain. I leave Narvik in heavy rain but the sun recovers soon. I have my first break at Bjerkvik where I meat a very unusual guy, Dave. He claims to be one of the owners of a restaurant at the Yellowstone National Park, working on the books in winter and cycling six month a year in summer.
camping at a lake *
There are other fellows on their way in the north. A german, who started at the cape, is on his way south to Gibraltar, someone else is carrying his guitare -  and there is even one french cyclist going north, very strange, because frenchmen unfortunately never get on any bike except for racing. Anyhow, Dave tells me that he has tons of money and invites me for dinner at a real restaurant. And he's got what I have never seen before, a mountain bike, as he calls it.
house with a roof made of grass *
Well, that item is very impressive. To me it looks like wonder. A bike so light, spokes so strong, (centilever) brakes so efficient and three sprocket wheels at the pedals is unknown to the average german cyclist at that time, 1984. A year later I shall implement a bike about like that, though not that light weight. A cycle that will accompany me on every single trip afterwards - and the idea is based on the experience with Dave's bike.
cycling in the north of Norway *
All in all I ride three days with Dave. But soon I realize that his bike enables him to go very slowly for a very long time. I can't do that. I have to overpower the hills and take longer rests afterwards. We part in the end but meet again here and there on our trip north - for the last time we spend a night in the hostel in Honningsvåg.