The Lovely South of Sweden

From Oskarshamn to Trelleborg

When I started my journey I had already visited Sweden by interrail, a european low budget railway ticket. That I allow myself so may words to talk about Sweden is due to the fact that a bicycle tour in the south is something very special. You are able to explore the country in very different manner. And the lonesome roads, the large forests and the beautiful scenery makes this part of scandinavia very attractive.
minor road in the south of Sweden *
The roads are narrow but well kept. The quality of the untarred ones is so good that I don't have to fear broken spokes any more. And in the late summertime I have the opportunity to collect fruits from well hung trees. Furthermore the region between Oskarshamn and Trelleborg is spread with lakes and facilities for swimming, in Sweden well known as «Badeplats». I use these places for camping, washing and swimming and I have a wonderful time going south.
harvest - it is getting late in the year *
On the minor roads there is hardly any traffic. The villages are so well kept that you wonder whether there is anyone living in there. I could as well be a museum. White walls are very white, farms very proper and churchyards so friendly that you long for beeing burried there. And in late August there are apples and other fruits to keep you going on a trip like that.
Deeply impressed I say good-bye to the south of Sweden. In the night of the 53 rd day I roll onto the Nils Holgerson, a ferry boat of the TT-Line. At that moment 5200 km are done. The most impressive part of the journey comes to an end...