From Hammerfest to Honningsvåg


Hammerfest The ship leaves Øksfjord and the light changes as dawn announces the forthcomming day. The way through the fjord is of incomparable beauty as the boat runs through the absolutely calm sea of the Sørøysund in the direction of Hammerfest. I enjoy the mountain scenery while talking to a nice girl student at the rail. So this night goes by without sleeping. This morning I leave the boat in the most northern town of the world. Here I am able to attach  MS Finnmarken, Hurtigruten a new chain and fix some of the technical problems I had so far. Again there is nothing special about this town. It is not lovely nor interesting and I am tired of the signposts that tell you how far it is to Roma, London or Cologne. You won't find any on these pages. I do know the distances by now.
As I carry no alarm-clock I have to wait all night long for the boat. The ships of the Hurtigruten reach each harbour on the cost exactly twice a day, one going north, the other south. The ships are very fast. It takes less than 10 minutes to stop, unload goods and to put out to sea again. If you have a heavy bike you are lucky to get on board in time.
a mourning at the polar sea *
After two days and nights without sleep I lay down on deck of the MS Vesterålen. For three hours I sleep like a log. The always rising sun of the north throws its light on a cargo-vessel in front of our ferry. Only a few miles are left to the island of Magerøya where the North Cape is situated.
Nordkapp Camping and youth hostel *
I check into the hostel of Honningsvåg. Honningsvåg is the main village of the island and about 30 km away from the cape. I regard the stamp of the hostel as the most valuable stamp I've ever gathered. I unload the bike and prepare it for the last miles. I carry some tools, food and the camera and take off for the destination this was all for: The North Cape.