The North Cape

The last miles on the island of Magerøya

reindeers Who once made a trip so far will know that it is always difficult to explain what it means to reach the destination. You do not know whether you get there until you get there. And then you find yourself on the last miles of this incredible trip. Your heart full of pride as you see one of your dearest dreams come true... 
the last miles *
Who ever made a journey to the north of Norway knows that the sun seems to shine forever. But if you are up here in august it is already too late to see the midnight sun. The light is very broad anyway but the sun sinks underneath the horizon for an hour or two. I call this appearance the «midnight sun set».

Nordkapp - North Cape - 4.8.84

The North Cape I have reached the destination of this tour, the North Cape. There are many tourists here by bus from Honningsvåg. But in 1984 the place is not too crowded, maybe because it is too late to see the midnight sun. And there is no toll to pay to get to the very north of europe. There are many of us who went all the way by bike. And so it is a very short night in which the midnight sunset takes place behind the tiny ribbon of clouds laying many miles from here low above the sea. I lift my bike onto the base of the monument that carries the globe, telling everybody where he is. I adjust my camera on the tripode and have the self-timer take a lovely picture of me and the late night sun...
globe at the North Cape *
On my way back to the hostel I meet someone from Würzburg (Germany), who  «makes» the cape within four weeks. He has to go all the way through Finnland because there is no time to loose. Poor guy. He has to do 140 km a day and is now hurrying back home. He «made» the Matterhorn and now it is the cape. He doesn't descend at the same speed I do, so we part.
At the hostel I meet Dave for the last time. Dave was on the road again for 24 hours and 120 miles. There is a lot to talk about and the night ends somewhat about noon.