The Heart of Sweden

A journey through endless forests

mind the elk! «Mind the elch (or moose, as the americans say...)!»
There are hardly any fotos from the swedish landscape among this collection. If you stick to the bigger roads for fear of punctures or broken spokes, you have a very monotonous scenery: conifers, ditch, border, tarmac road, border, ditch and again conifers. Time by time a lake or a village interrupts this endlessness. What I do appreciate during these days is the beautiful weather. If you can't get out of dump clothes you are at a loss.
camping at a lake *
But even without those glorious photographs you may find in Sweden what you might expect from Finnland: A lot of space for individual holidays, freedom of roaming and overnight camping and most beautiful lakes all long the way from Göteborg to the norwegian border near Mo I Rana. On the other hand side you are never lonely. There are so many stove at a lake different people going north by car or motorhome. And some of the evenings go by at an open camp fire, telling tales about the experiences so far. And to those who think of cycling as a ride to the next tea room a traveller and his well packed bike is someone extra-terrestrial.
I myself do a lot of coffee brewery as drinking anything alcoholic is as expensive as gold. I do mind the surroundings - I always build my own stove from stones to protect the forests near by. Anyhow, this year there are always some showers, so the danger of fire is moderate. On hot and sunny days I use Eßbit to fire the stove. And I don't go to bed without carefully extinguishing the read-heat with sufficient water.
church near Sveg *
Between Sunne and Johannisholm I have to climb steep hills upto 530m above sea level. Maybe that it is because of rolling downhill afterwards makes good space I cover a distance of 100 miles, a magic distance for cycling tourists. In the area of Sveg the road surrounds the local mountains and this means about 20 miles more than necessary.
Östersund *
My target for the next days is Östersund, where I spend an extra day at the youth hostel. After 14 days I take a day off, writing home some postcards. I mend some smaller technical defects and meet someone who tries to reach the cape repeatedly, always thrown back by inadequate material. And again his bike breaks.