Turning to Finnland

The hardest way to go home

Europastraße in NordfinnlandI can hardly believe it, but I am definitely on my way home. The well feared tunnel near Smørfjord has been tamed. tunnel near SmørfjordIn former times the road was not tarred and there was no ventilation and not a single light for about 2700 meters. I had to go this way twice had I not taken the ferry boat from Hammerfest. From Russenes to the cape the road is a dead end. I spend one night in the youth hostel of Lakselv, one of the most impressing hostels I have ever seen, and drive on to Karigasniemi, where I pass the border to Finnland.
To me, Finnland is the great disappointment of this trip.  northern FinnlandNot that the Finnjet ferry to Germany is fully booked in the end. It is the atmosphere that is strange. There is hardly any chance to camp outside of camping sites. Most  land is private ground and, contrary to Sweden, you are not welcome to camp there. And there is always a forest between the road and the lakes - so you won't see any for miles though being very near. And the scenery is very monotonous all along the way.
The campings are really good, the best I've ever seen. There is wood and a fire place, hot showers, stoves and other useful stuff. After 100 miles this is quite resonable. And the weather is not made to make me smile. There is rain on the air and one day, near Sodankylä, I have to ride 70 km through pouring rain. I take a day off to dry my clothes and to rewrite the diary.
Rovaniemi is a town near the polar circle. After 3760 km  transporting trunks on the KemijokiI cross this line for the second time. Now I am heading south. I spend the night at the camping of Rovaniemi and quit early in the morning. I follow the busy river called Kemijoki, pass by Oulu and soon I find myself on the way to Helsinki. The weather is improving.