Glen Affric

From hostel to hostel / Cannich - Ratagan

Map of Glen AffricSo, because of the weather I get to know a different part of Scotland, a glen well known for the two lovely lochs, beautiful scenery, mountains upto 3800 feet high and, last but not least, the woods. This time they look more like real forests although not beeing as dark as the Black Forest. I do not see much of my way going there as the clouds are hanging pretty low this time. Even Loch Ness looks rather dull, may be someone invented the monster on a day like that.
At Cannich youth hostel there is another interesting specimen doing his job. A retired soldier (sorry, officier) is on duty, i.e. the warden. His mark is to wake up the hostel by playing a trumped in the morning. The way he does this makes me jump out of bed in a flash.
Glen Affric*
Anyway, I want to get up early in the morning as the way through Glen Affric is quite a long one. I can't remember any more details of this walk, except that I come across another hostel off all civilization. There are some people who like to walk, other people who like to talk (including one who tells me into believing that he is training for an expedition to the Himalaya - and me, of cause). There is no warden around and you are expected to leave some pence in a saving box on the window-sill. There is no chance that walking the Glen Affric way is more impressing than climbing Ben Nevis. But I enjoy it the silent way. The way from Cannich to Ratagan is about 32 miles long.