From Dalmally to Glencoe

Following the roman trail

suspension bridge The next morning I leave that great spot at about 3400 feet. I descend Ben Lui and turn towards Dalmally, a little village on the way  old roman military road to Oban.
Oban is an important but little harbour for the numerous islands and the Outer Hebridies, but it is too far off my way to go there. At Dalmally I take up some food - and for the first time my way turns straight north.
The way to Glencoe (or Glen Coe) is long but lovely. When you have once reached the old roman military road you do a pretty flat walk sourrounded by mountains higher than 3000 feet. There is absolutely no traffic on the way and nobody walking either. The road is just a track for 4-wheel-drives, a trail apt for mountain bikes.
night falling in scottisch highlands I am not in a hurry, so I camp twice on my way from Dalmally to Glencoe. In the evening I look for a lovely, scenic spot a bit off the road, preferably on a little hill. The soil is either stony or boggy everywhere around. So it is not too easy to find a suitable spot. As concerns scenery there is no doubt about the fact that almost any place you can pick is absolutely great.