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As I am not a native speaker nor teacher nor translator you may forgive the mistakes I made and the most uncommon grammar constructions. I do intend to supply specific information on experiences I had while travelling¹ in europe and skiing¹ in the alps. This seems more important to me than the mere formal appearance - though I promise I try hard to remember the lessons I learned at school and on my way hitchhiking on heavy goods from Dover to «The North» and vice versa.

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The following list covers all english versions available so far, as they are not linked internally yet. As this site is under permanent construction, the list will hopefully increase during the years.

Zermatt, a true story about skiing in one of the most scenic areas of the alps. In fact, the Matterhorn was climbed for the first time by an englishman. I once rescued an attractive british soul while taking one of the last runs a bit off the trodden paths.

Sankt Anton is probably the best known skiing area of the alps. However, there are too many people that prefer names to performance. To make sure what Stanton really is about I came to the conclusion to translate the german version to english.

Weltkugel am Norkapp The North Cape, a truely trying trip to those who cycle. There is no way going further north than that well known spot at the very top of the island of Magerøya. If you ever made a few days journey by bike you might be interested in a story about a very special way to go there.
It was for the englishmen I met on my way north that I decided to translate the story to english.

Two very different trips to the southern part of the French Alps are documented here. The first trip leads to the very top of alpine termac roads and is concerned with scenery only. The second trip looks more like a biography. Nevertheless, there are enough steep roads on the way to call it a mountain cycle-tour, including the Grand Canyon du Verdon.

Left: Climbing Ben Nevis from the east and how to get there.
Right:  Hiking and hitchhiking through the scottish highlands. For the first time I see myself on a trail too remote to be save on my own.

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